Colorful Minimalist Collection

Colorful Minimalist Collection

The past few months we've spent indoors we've also spent reminiscing about past travels. With colors inspired by Japan's natural beauty and the timelessness of Scandinavian design, we've come up with the Colorful Minimalist Collection: Muted colorful tones that promote harmony and evoke warm feelings of nostalgia.

With this, we're introducing another fabric we love as much as our bamboo lyocell sheets! In our search for the softest, safest, and most sustainable fabrics, we've found another one that promises the utmost comfort. Our Colorful Minimalist Collection is made with 100% Tencel™Lyocell, an all-natural fabric known for its great strength, efficient moisture absorption, and gentleness to the skin.

This collection comes in 3 calming hues:

Midori: Tencel™Lyocell bedsheets in a mild and calming shade of green

Sakura: Tencel™Lyocell bedsheets in a calming and enlivening shade of rose

Kohi: Tencel™Lyocell bedsheets in a timeless and luxurious shade of beige

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