Our story

As millennial condo dwellers, we wanted to bring the warmth of our homes to our modern lifestyle.

Part of that journey is investing in homeware that will make us feel more relaxed, last us a long time, and visually align with how we want our homes to look.

Which is why we thought of creating Doze Days: bedsheets and loungewear that look and feel luxurious, give us good rest and sleep, and are thoughtfully and responsibly made.

We choose our fabrics based on the 3S criteria:

  • SOFT

    A quality to look for in bedsheets is softness and gentleness on the skin for the utmost comfort and the coziest sleep experience.

  • SAFE

    To ensure the safety of the consumer, seamstresses, and each individual involved in the production, the materials used in the process must be free from harmful chemicals.


    To lessen ecological impact in the production, materials must be responsibly sourced, ethically manufactured, and have a botanic origin for it to be renewable and biodegrade into their starting products when it reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Our Products

Our products are bedsheets and loungewear made with 100% Bamboo Lyocell and TENCEL™️ Lyocell.

Both are known for their botanic origin, softness, breathability, thermoregulating properties, and sustainability. With their 300 thread count, the feel of both fabrics is equivalent to that of 1,000 thread count in cotton sheets.

Our Collections

The Classic Collection

features soft, safe, and sustainably-made 100% bamboo lyocell bedsheets in cloud white, deep cobalt blue, and slate gray.These timeless hues add elegance to any bedroom.

The Colorful Minimalist Collection

is a limited editioncollection inspired by Japan's natural beauty and the timelessness of Scandinavian design. It features colorful tones that promote harmony and evoke warm feelings of nostalgia. Made with 100% Tencel™️ Lyocell.

The wearable comfort collection

is our loungewear collection made with the same soft, safe, and sustainable Lyocell fabric that you love, made versatile and wearable.

The Earth Collection

features colors inspired by natural tones reminiscent of the views we have missed over the past two years—sprawling green fields, soft white beach sand, the warmth of the desert sun, and cool waves of the blue sea.