Laundry Care

What should I remember when I wash my sheets or lounge wear for the first time?
  • cold machine wash
  • line dry
  • tumble dry on low heat
  • do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • low iron if required 
Are bamboo lyocell and TENCEL™Lyocell sheets or lounge wear machine washable?

Yes, of course! They are made for your everyday use, and they’re easy to care for. Just make sure you use cold water or 30°C with a gentle cycle. It's best to wash them separately because hooks, zippers, and rough fabrics such as denim can cause pilling or abrasion.

What laundry detergent can I use?

We suggest using a mild, liquid detergent. Powder detergents work too, just make sure it has been dissolved before you add the bamboo lyocell sheets into the wash. There's no need to use a fabric softener, they are already naturally soft and they will stay that way even after multiple washes.

How do I avoid wrinkles in them?

Hang drying them will help avoid significant wrinkling. If you’re using a dryer, we recommend taking them out within 5 minutes of the cycle’s end and hang drying them until fully dry. You can also lay the sheets flat on your bed after washing and drying, by the time you hit the bed at night, they will be flat and fresh, ready to give you the good nights sleep you deserve. If you are after a crispier look, you can iron them at a low temperature.

can I use my sheets or lounge wear right away?

We suggest washing them first before use, to ensure that you get the freshest experience the first time you sleep in them.  

  • cold or 30°C machine wash

  • do not use bleach or fabric softener


  • line dry

  • tumble dry in low heat

  • low iron if required